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Penny's latest musical release.
This conceptual EP journeys through the emotional landscapes of kinship, nostalgia and bereavement;
Through dulcet melodies and introspective lyrical expressions, Penny delivers tracks that are intimately affecting. Listeners will be left with colours of glowing sentiment and individual reflection.
Don't you know me anymore featured as 'Track of the Week' BBC Introducing, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester and Lincolnshire. Listen to interview with Penny and show 31/10/21 VIA THIS LINK 

     Release 24th November 2021 on all major streaming and Download Platforms



If, Buts and Maybes is the follow-up to Penny’s 2011 self titled release Penny White.

This winsome EP showcases her ever-maturing storytelling; featuring melodic metaphors, emotive observations of human behaviour and tongue-in-cheek insightful interpretations of everyday life.

Penny’s Anglo-American heritage and upbringing is a prime influence in her music.

Misery Guts has been played on:

  • BBC Introducing Sheffield

  • BBC Introducing East Midlands

  • Pulse Radio 98.4FM The Big Drive Home With Peter Greenwood

  • Folk Union 

  • Spire Radio Kentucky Jelly With David Miller

  • Fantasy Radio Devises

  • Lonely Oak Radio

  • Blaze Radio (to name few)

Bend the Truth featured on BBC Introducing Sheffield 'Y Not Festival' Playlists 2018






This is the first release and glimpse of some of Penny’s early work. Her self titled EP Penny White was released 2011. This EP features Penny’s  raw talent for song writing.

Each track is imbued with Penny’s Anglo–American life experiences.

  • Lets go transports you through the west of America painting scenes of arid desserts with haunting vocals and echoing melodies.

  • Mosquito gets you smiling and clapping your hands about friendships gone sour.

  • Nightmares captivates you with its honest sensitivity.

  • Rolling Thunder features close harmonies with Penny’s brother Tim Wildman, which get you humming nostalgic sounds of nomads riding the long freight trains of the south west.