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Penny & Indiana Illustraion

Noted as 'one to add to your musical watch list'  by Emma Sutherland (FATEA online publishing)

and 'a soulful girl'  Institute of Arts and Ideas Publishing.

Penny has made regular appearances as part of Wales and England’s music scene. She has toured local festivals and venues, gaining publicity and invitations to perform at exclusive events and festivals.

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Penny is currently working on recording her material for future prospective release.

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UK born English, American Vocalist, Songwriter and Producer.
From Hay-on-Wye (Wales) now based in the North of the UK.

ONE is Penny's latest and much anticipated self produced, hand crafted release.
This EP features new and never heard before material from Penny's archive of written compositions. Each track was carefully considered and selected from Penny's ever-growing catalogue of song writing. ‘Don’t you know me anymore’ featured as ‘track of the week’ on BBC Introducing, BBC Midlands.

ONE is gaining acclaim from local and nation wide radio and is just the start in Penny's latest project.

Penny's previous release 2017, 'If, Buts and Maybes', 2017, with the single 'Misery Guts' gained praise and notice from UK and International music blogs, magazines and radio, such as;
BBC Introducing Sheffield and BBC East Midlands, Pulse Radio (Scotland), Fantasy Radio (Devizes), ExpressFM (Portsmouth), Thank Folk for That,  Big Bad Buckle, Velvety, Indie Quick Picks.

​Her songs and music draw inspiration from her Anglo-American life experiences;
Using melodic metaphors with emotive observations of human behaviour and tongue-in-cheek, insightful interpretation of everyday life.

Genre not limited to but, best described as Americana, Folk and/or Jazz


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